Big Five Tour

The Big Five tour is an adventure tour in the bush where the big five, i.e the elephant, rhino, buffalo, Lion and Leopard live together with other animals and birds.

Tour Offer Action
Amboseli Serena Lodge from KShs 13,000 per person
Mayatta Camp Tsavo from KShs 26,700 per person
Sentrim Tsavo from KShs 22,700 per person
Lake Jipe Safari Camp from KShs 19,500 per person
Kilaguni Serena Lodge from KShs 28,300 per person
Voi Wildlife Lodge from KShs 24,700 per person
Sarova Salt Lick from KShs 22,199 per person
Ngulia Lodge from KShs 20,700 per person
Galana Camp from KShs 5,000 per person
Man Eaters Camp from KShs 24,700 per person
Amboseli Sopa Lodge from KShs 23,700 per person
Kilima Safari Camp from KShs 27,500 per person
Sentrim Amboseli from KShs 23,000 per person
Kibo Safari Camp from KShs 27,500 per person
Mara Olodare Camp from KShs 16,900 per person
Lenchanda Tented camp from KShs 18,000 per person
Fisi Camp from KShs 15,500 per person
Mara Simba Lodge from KShs 16,900 per person
Mara Sopa Lodge from KShs 25,800 per person
Mara Serena Lodge from KShs 29,520 per person
Keekorok Lodge from KShs 26,400 per person
Ol Moran Tented Camp from KShs 19,300 per person
Enchoro Wildlife Camp from KShs 16,000 per person
Chui Camp from KShs 15,500 per person
Manyatta Camp from KShs 16,300 per person
Rhino Tourist camp from KShs 14,440 per person
3 Days Amboseli from KShs 23,000 per person
3 Days Tsavo National Park from KShs 5,000 per person
3 Days Maasai Mara from KShs 14,000 per person
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Best Seasons:All year round
Popular Location:Maasai Mara, Tsavo National Park, Amboseli