Discover Lake Tours

Lake tours are exclusively for visit to the lakes for holiday break, weekend getaway and water sports.

Tour Offer Action
Lake Naivasha Crescent Camp from KShs 7,900 per person
Pelican Lodge from KShs 3,125 per person
Malu Lodge from KShs 3,125 per person
Camp Carnelleys from KShs 1,500 per person
Crater Lake Camp from KShs 3,000 per person
Fishermans Camp from KShs 1,800 per person
Lake Nakuru Lodge from KShs 7,850 per person
Lake Naivasha Cresent Camp from KShs 7,850 per person
Sawela Lodge from KShs 10,300 per person
Lake Bogoria from KShs 8,500 per person
Lake Naivasha from KShs 2,000 per person
Lake Nakuru from KShs 7,850 per person
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