Maasai Mara is the most popular Safari destination in Kenya and Africa. Its popularity is derived from the famous Great migration that involves moment of wild animals in millions across the Mara river in the months of July to August. The pattern of crossing the river is never deterred by the predators in the river and on land. In July to November Maasai Mara is full of wildlife in large numbers. Among the inhabitants of the Mara are the Big Five, Elephants, Buffalos, Leopard, rhino, Lions. Other animals include, cheetah, giraffes, wildebeests, zebras, striped jackal, Topi, eland, gazelles hippos, crocodiles and various bird species. The high concentration of animals makes Maasai Mara a fine destination for wildlife adventure. Balloon Safaris are a unique air safari where animal viewing is done from the air at Maasai Mara. Visitors to the Mara can visit the Maasai villages to experience their culture as they participate in the cultural dance and Maasai Jump.


Amboseli national park is in the southern part of Kenya. The park is popular for its large herds of big tusked elephants and view of snow- capped Mt Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa. Animals found at Amboseli include, elephants, giraffes, buffalos, zebra, cheetah, spotted hyena, lions, and various bird species. Game rules apply in the Park, Animals at Amboseli have the right of way, visitors are not supposed to feed the animals nor harass them.


Tsavo National Park is made up of Tsavo East and Tsavo West. It is  approximately 22,000 square Km ,the largest National park in Kenya and among the largest in the world. Tsavo is famous for its man eating lions and red elephants. The park has the most wild animals among all the parks and is renowned for the wild “ Man eaters of Tsavo” during the construction of the Kenya Uganda railway. Elephants are red because of constantly dust-bathing with red volcanic soil in the park. Animals in the park include, elephants, lions, buffalos, Leopard, rhino, bush baby, hartebeest, Lesser kudu, Masai giraffe, other small animals and various bird species. Other attractions in Tsavo are, The Yatta plateau,Lake Jipe, Mzima springs.

Tsavo national park is for the adventurous.


Samburu National Park is a wilderness park north of the equator. It is mainly open savannah grassland with clusters of acacia trees forest and thorn trees. The park has unique animals referred to as the “ Samburu special Five”, the reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, Long necked Gerenuk, Beisa oryx and Somali Ostrich. These animals have different features compared to animals in other parks. Animals found in Samburu include the Big five, hippos, dik dik, crocodiles in river Uaso Nyiro and plenty of birdlife. The park is neighbor to the Samburu people who have retained their rich culture which is an attraction to visitors.


Meru national park is wild and beautiful, striding along the equator with amazing fauna, rivers, streams, and beautiful scenery of the Nyabene range. It is home to all the big Five and many other animals including a wide range of birdlife.  While at The park one can get a beautiful view of Mt Kenya.


The Aberdare National park is a unique park. It is a high altitude park located in the Aberdare Range of mountains. The scenery is spectacular with mountainous terrains covered with thick forests. The weather is cooler than other parks, animals at Aberdare come to you , you do not look for them. Game viewing is from the Lounges and decks at night. The Lodges have provided water holes and salt licks which attract animals close for viewing. Animals found here are the Big Five, black Leopard rarely seen, eastern bongo, different types of monkeys and various bird species. The park has two Lodges, The Ark Lodge and Treetops Lodge. Treetops is famous for its location and historical Royal connection to the Queen Elizabeth 11 of England. She climbed the Tree house as a Princess and descended as Queen of England the following day.


Lake Nakuru is renowned as a bird sanctuary and water loving animals-hippos, water bucks, flamingoes and other water birds. The park is surrounded by woodland, grassland and marshes. It has the largest euphorbia forest in Africa. The lake supports algae that flocks of flamingoes feed on. It is home to the Greater flamingo and Lesser flamingo. Animals found in this park include, the Rothschild giraffe, elands, rhinos, buffalos and various bird species. The park has excellent viewing points overlooking the lake at, Baboon Cliff and Lion Hill.


Ol Pejeta is a Game Conservancy on the foot hills of Mt Kenya and the Aberdares Range. It has the highest wildlife concentration among all the parks in Kenya and a haven to view almost all animals found in our parks in one tour. It is home to the endangered species, the rhino and chimpanzee. All the Big Five and many other animals are found in the Conservancy.